Boiler Replacement and Radiator Installation | Saint Paul Minnesota | 55116

Boilers in Saint Paul are a common heat source in older homes although they are gaining popularity as Mill City Heating & Cooling has discovered. Often old gravity boilers are extremely large and often take up valuable space in the basement especially for homeowners who want to finish their basements. When replacing an old gravity boiler in saint paul with a modern standard efficiency cast iron boiler or wall hung high-efficiency boiler often all the radiant pipes in the basement that feed the radiators on the floors above must be replaced due to their size, functionality, and layout of the basement. 

One of Mill City Heating & Cooling's longtime customers in the Highland Park neighborhood decided to finish her basement and relocate her boiler, have the asbestos covered pipes removed and to install a new high efficiency, compact Weil-McLain condensing boiler in order to have a small mechanical room in the corner of her basement. The old asbestos on her radiator pipes was removed by a licensed abatement company and a new compact, radiator pipes were installed discretely tucked between floor joists discretely in order to open up the basement for the customers remodel.  With the help of a general contractor, the happy homeowner has a comfortable bedroom, bathroom and living space in her basement that she enjoys very much. 
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