Boiler Replacement | Minneapolis MN | 55419

Boiler Replacement in Minneapolis is easy with Mill City Heating & Cooling

Just recently we received a call from a busy homeowner who wanted to replace her boiler but had very little time available.  Mill City Heating & Cooling arranged to meet the homeowner in the evening for a free estimate.  The homeowner was ready to move forward with the replacement, but she left for work every morning at 5:30 am.  Mill City Heating & Cooling dropped off a lockbox for the homeowner so she could leave a key for us to access the boiler and we went to work.  When she returned home she was amazed to find that the old boiler was removed and replaced with a new model and space looked untouched.  Now all she has do is wait for her rebate check to arrive in the mail from her gas company. 

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Boiler Replacement | Minneapolis MN | 55419
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Boiler replacement in Minneapolis is easy with Mill City Heating & Cooling. 

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