Full House Boiler & Radiant Heat Conversion with Furnace, Air Conditioning & Ductwork in Roseville, MN 55113

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After many years of experiencing Boiler and Radiator problems, a homeowner in Roseville, Minnesota called Mill City Heating & Cooling to provide her with a quote to change out her old boiler and radiant system with forced air, central heating and Air Conditioning system. After meeting with the homeowner and discussing her options regarding the location of the Furnace, Ductwork and Air Conditioner, she chose to hire Mill City Heating & Cooling because our design had minimal effects on her space.  An Amana AMVC96 furnace was installed at the same location as the old boiler and the new Amana Air Conditioning system was installed at the back of the house.  Ductwork was run across the unfinished basement ceiling to provide heat to the first floor.  To heat, the second floor, the main supply, and return ductwork was run from the basement and through the first and second-floor closets.  A return vent was installed in the hallway of the second floor and the main supply duct was then run into the attic in order to provide heat to all habitable rooms on the second floor.

Prior to meeting with us, our customer was not aware that ductwork could be run with such minimal changes to the interior space of her house.  For the first time in the 27 years she has lived at her home, the entire interior space is Air Conditioned and her family is now enjoying the comfort of central air conditioning in their Roseville home. 
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