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Are you looking for a licensed heating contractor in SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA specializing in the installation or replacement of your FORCED AIR FURNACE HEATING system with CENTRAL AIR DUCTWORK or RADIANT BOILER HEATING system?  Mill City Heating & Cooling can help with all your HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING needs in the great city of SAINT PAUL, MN.  

As a fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTOR in SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, you can rest assured that Mill City Heating & Cooling has you covered. 

Whether you plan to REPLACE OR INSTALL A NEW FURNACE, DUCTWORKBOILER or RADIATORS, the City of Saint Paul requires licensed heating contractors to provide permits and inspections to ensure that your investment meets the City of Saint Paul’s codes and standards.

Mill City Heating & Cooling is fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured in the City of St Paul

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