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Has your residential home boiler been breaking down often, requiring frequent service and repairs in the last few years?  Minneapolis and Saint Paul’s severe winter climate puts a great deal of stress on boilers and their components, and this stress causes even more problems for boilers that are nearing their designed life expectancy. As a premier boiler contractor in the Twin Cities Metro, Mill City Heating & Cooling is here to help with all your boiler needs.  If the boiler is old, has not been maintained very well, shows signs of corrosion, and parts are starting to fail frequently, replacing the boiler with a new higher efficiency boiler is a good option. The average life expectancy of a standard gas boiler that has been well maintained is around 15-20 years and the electrical components of boilers are designed to last 8-10 years. Furthermore, the majority of manufacturers stop making replacement parts for most boilers over 20 years old. A high-quality boiler that has been properly installed and maintained, such as a Weil McLain, Burnham (by US Boiler Company), or Slant/Fin Boiler, can last 20+ years.

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Recent Customer:
One of our customers in South Minneapolis who owns a duplex in south Minneapolis decided to stop repairing her two old boilers and decided to replace both boilers.  She chose to go with two American-made boilers by Weil-McLain, one of the industry's leading boiler manufacturer founded in 1881. The small-but-powerful Weil-McLain CGA Series 2 boiler have solid American-made cast-iron heat exchangers and, with an efficiency rating of  84%, qualify for a $300 rebate from CenterPoint Energy for each boiler installed. Our customers noted that the new boilers provide better comfort as they maintain a steady temperature throughout the day without overheating the living spaces when the boilers operate.  

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