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Did you know your boiler could be oversized? New Boiler | Minneapolis Minnesota | 55414

Many Minneapolis homeowners have been surprised to find out that theirs is when they have service or maintenance work done. An oversized boiler short cycles, which means once it satisfies the heating demands, it will shut down until heat is again required. Short cycling reduces the life expectancy of the boiler, as well as increases energy costs. The city of Minneapolis and St. Paul now require heat loss calculations for all boiler installs to ensure that a properly sized boiler is installed in residential homes. Mill City Heating & Cooling performs heat loss calculations for all new boiler installs in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs.

While performing a heat loss calculation for a recent customer, our technician found the 23-year-old boiler to be almost double the required size. The boiler was short cycling, which caused parts to fail more frequently. Our customer decided to replace the oversized boiler with a new boiler that was properly sized instead of investing more money in repairs. After the new boiler was installed, the homeowner noticed her boiler was not turning off and on frequently, resulting in her gas bill being reduced by 35%.  

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