New Ductwork & Furnace Installation in Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417

Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor in Minneapolis: 

Most remodels in Minneapolis require alterations to the existing forced air systems and it is imperative that a licensed Minneapolis Heating Contractor perform the required alterations.  

In order to improve the space, the contractor and investor for this South Minneapolis home completed alterations to the existing floor plan as well as adding an addition to gain more square footage.  Mill City Heating & Cooling was hired to alter the duct work inside the property to work with the new layout, add new duct work for the addition, correct the dryer exhaust, install two bathroom exhaust vents and perform a heat loss calculation to find out if the existing furnace had the capacity to handle the additional heating required for the new addition.  The results of the calculations showed that the existing furnace did not have the capacity and a new furnace would be required. This also meant that some of the existing duct work had to be made larger to handle the volume of air flow from the new furnace in this Minneapolis home. 

A new furnace is also a good selling point for potential buyers as they will not have to worry about replacing an old furnace after they purchase a newly remodeled home. 

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